Get immediate liquidity using your accounts receivable through Financial Factoring and face your immediate commitments in a simple and effective way.

Financial Factoring consists of the acquisition of credit rights, by the factoring company, arising from sales of real estate, the provision of services and/or the execution of works that the client or company has in its favor for a certain price.

Financial Factoring can be used as a means to obtain working capital, with the posibility of making this a recurring operation. It accelerates the recovery of accounts receivable, reducing financial leverage, cutting the operating cycle of the company and making more efficient the areas of credit and collection.

Financial Factoring allows the customer to convert accounts receivable into immediate cash. It is aimed at meeting the working capital needs of companies, providing them with greater liquidity and supporting them in their cash flow and production cycle.

Among the advantages of Financial Factoring are the following :

– Saves time, expense savings, and accuracy of reporting.

– It allows maximum mobilization of the debtors portfolio and guarantees the collection of all of them.

– Allows to receive advances on transferred credits.

– Gives transparency and flexibility to the operation of the company or entity.

– Creates more efficient and tailored made financial structures to the company.

– Can be used as a financing source and obtaining circulating resources.

– Bills provide collateral for a credit loan that otherwise the company would not be able to get.