The primary objective is to support our clients offering them a competitive advantage through a financing source that offers great benefits over other alternatives. We’re a leasing company with a portfolio that has many flexible options.

Always have the resources and tools needed for your projects, obtaining financial benefits without decapitalizing your business. Models are tailored made according to customer needs. Leasing is formalized with a contract whereby a lessor acquires capital goods of lasting use and available to a tenant, which during the contract period:

a) Makes use of them, with the possibility of acquiring such property (Residual Value) at the end of the basic or successive term.

b) Make 100% deduction with respect to the lease.

c) Maximize the use of monetary resources.


1) The possibility of leasing any durable good like vehicles, computers, machinery, equipment POS, etc.

2) The purchased equipment is not recorded in the balance sheet, therefore the customer does not need to constantly depreciate the asset. In turn, the lease expenses are monthly amortized in the income statement, significantly reducing the taxable base.

3) The lease payment is not accounted as a liability, which does not affect the company’s leverage.

4) Decapitalization is avoided and the lease amount is 100% deductible.

5) Some of the concepts that may be included in Leasing are the extended warranty, preventive or routine maintenance, insurance and accessories among others.